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Watching this film there's hardly something to take home. So, from the outset really just prepare yourself to enjoy the style of children's film. No wonder, because this film is made by Disney. At the very least, entertaining film with a light story, some interesting special effects and of course lots of inserts humor that made laugh out loud.
The story is simple, full of coincidence. But still unsightly and quite entertaining.
At the beginning of the film is told Merlin, a wizard of legendary King Arthur co-belief, was defeated by Morgana Le Fay in the year 740. But he could give his dragon ring to his disciple, Balthazar Blake advised that while he was searching for "Prime Merlinean" which will be able to defeat Morgana.
In 2000, a boy named Dave Stutler elementary school age are somewhat ostracized her friends as "nerd" suddenly separated from the group. Trivial cause, he pursued a paper inscribed with a female student named Becky Barnes a crush, it contains answers to the question "shoot" him. He then accidentally go into antique shops and "chance" to meet the guard who turned out to Balthazar Blake. He turned out to be a witch. And Dave also was a witch. This is evidenced by Balthazar to give a small statue of a winged dragon shape to Dave. In the hands of the boy, the statue is alive, writhing, and threw himself on Dave's finger in a ring.
Aware of the "coincidence" that, Balthazar then told the boy that he was the "Prime Merlinean" which had been sought. Dave did not know that this is a great magician Balthazar, one of three student-old Merlin 1,400 years. He also did not know the magnitude of the ring was so fun to move their hands. Apparently, with hand gestures that he break through the wall next to him and it was thrown out of style layered Russian dolls called Grimhold. It appeared in the doll's Morgana and his followers were imprisoned by Balthazar. And because the outer layer of loose doll, the inhabitants came forth also Horvath.
Balthazar is taking spell book for Dave was surprised, and then fight with Maxim Horvath. Both were then stuck into an antique urn. Dave is confused and frightened scuttled out of the store. And there she found the teachers and friends were waiting for him. Dave also denounce what happened to him, but when the teacher opened the door of the shop was a mess because of a fight Balthazar versus Horvath, there's no nothing. He also laughed at his friends and then had to go to a psychiatrist.
10 years later, in 2010, Balthazar and Horvath was finally able to get out of the jar. Both then race to find Dave, who is now a physics student at NYU (New York University). The goal is to find the existence of Grimhold earlier. Because it was also imprisoned other leaders of the flow Morganian, including the master himself, the Morgana who came into her body. Apparently this is the source of betrayal Veronica Horvath who defected to Morgana. Because they were involved in a love triangle, but she prefers Balthazar. So the three of them Merlin's direct disciple.
In the present, Dave has been a teaching assistant in a "coincidence" again met with Becky that her classes. And no warning, Becky was going back in a relationship with Dave. Especially after Dave shows how serious he is a physicist can understand the interest in music that Becky worked as a radio announcer campus. With a giant tesla coil, it makes Becky's favorite music. And of course, simply fell in love with Becky.
Falling in love for a young bookworm turns out to cause problems. Dave Balthazar is trying to train to counter the rise of witchcraft Morgana can be harmful to the world almost in despair. But do not worry ... this film must have "happy ending".

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